OneUpOneDown teaches a new approach to mentoring-focused networking for women in business and technology – Digital Journal | Mobiz World

The mentoring network company OneUpOneDown aims to make a mentoring program available to every woman in the world. By creating a global network of women in business and technology, the couple aims to help them find personal and professional growth with a 3-month mentoring program. Co-founded by Natalie Robinson and Dzhuliana Nikolova, OneUpOneDown is a … Read more

Why Palo Alto Networks Canceled a Cider Security M&A Deal – | Mobiz World

Application security, next-generation technologies and secure development Palo Alto in talks to buy $200m cider, deviates from $600m Apiiro deal Michael Novinson (Michael Novinson) • October 21, 2022 Palo Alto Networks has scaled back its M&A ambitions, walking away from a $600 million deal for Apiiro in favor of a $200 million purchase of Cider … Read more

October 2022 A third generation of Optical Distribution Networks (ODN) emerges – Lightcounting Market Research | Mobiz World

October 2022 A third generation of Optical Distribution Networks (ODN) is emerging October 2022 abstract The residential optical distribution network (ODN) is the final link between a telecom operator’s Internet, cable and telephone services and its customers. Over the past decade, ODNs have played a critical role in the widespread adoption and deployment of passive … Read more

Questions and Answers: Dr. Stephen Edge on the power of networking in cancer research – innovation in healthcare | Mobiz World

For cancer researchers, there is definitely power in numbers. For example, the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) has grown into an alliance of 18 cancer centers powered by the informatics platform of M2GEN, a company formed out of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida. The network allows researchers to share data and collaborate more … Read more

How many DWDM channels do access networks need? – LightWave Online | Mobiz World

Fiber optic and DWDM technology move at the edges of networks. Meeting the ambitious performance goals of 5G architectures will require more fiber links than ever before between small cellular sites and when replacing legacy TDM transmissions with higher-capacity DWDM links (Figure 1). In the case of fixed access, new architectures such as Remote PHY … Read more