Why seven major insurers are joining forces to underwrite smaller marine projects – Risk & Insurance – Workers Comp Forum | Mobiz World

A new consortium will allow seven marine insurers to more efficiently share coverage for small and medium-sized projects. Liberty Specialty Markets (LSM), part of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, has a new Lloyd’s facility, the Liberty Project Cargo Consortium, to insure small and medium-sized global project cargo risks. The facility, Consortium 7763, has underwriting capacity of … Read more

Medicare Guide 2023: Complaints of misleading Medicare Advantage marketing mount; How to Protect Yourself – OregonLive | Mobiz World

You are the TV stars of a bygone era, a heroic quarterback, a spaceship captain and a sitcom sensation. Joe Namath, William Shatner and Jimmie JJ Walker have been back on TV screens in recent years, working as pitchmen and encouraging older viewers to call to see if they’re eligible for additional Medicare benefits and … Read more

This Pulitzer Prize-nominated columnist interviewed dozens of aging people. Here’s what he learned about the “spiritual side” of retirement – CNBC | Mobiz World

Steve Lopez knows he’s running out of time. Lopez, a Los Angeles Times columnist and four-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, isn’t dying in his grave just yet, but he’s 69, with two artificial knees and a pacemaker. “Although that’s a scary thought, by the time you get where I am, statistically you’re in the last quarter … Read more

Is Google Sending Republican Fundraising Emails To Your Spam Folder? The RNC thinks so – Fortune | Mobiz World

The Republican National Committee has filed a lawsuit against tech giant Google, alleging the company suppressed its email requests ahead of November’s midterm elections — a claim Google denies. The lawsuit, filed Friday night in the District Court for the Eastern District of California, accuses Gmail of “discriminating” against the RNC by unfairly sending the … Read more

Dem leads in raising funds for the GOP-drawn Nashville House seat – the Lebanese Democrat | Mobiz World

NASHVILLE — Democrat Heidi Campbell last quarter led the raising and spending of funds at a US open house race in Tennessee, where Nashville congressional district Republican Andy Ogles took a more cautious approach to the general election that the GOP in hoping for a seat has redrawn . Campbell, a state senator from Nashville, … Read more

Office work is a new trend in human resources marketing – Times of India | Mobiz World

All over the world, people roam unchecked by concrete curbs. Going back to restaurants, events, and even gyms, there is one area where many of them are unsure about moving forward: the office. Businesses are rethinking their work-from-home policies and HR is calling employees back to the office, leading to a wave of layoffs. Many … Read more

Interview: Why Putin might prefer a standoff to a nuclear freeze in Ukraine – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty | Mobiz World

Graham Allison is a Harvard professor and former US defense official with expertise in nuclear weapons, Russia, China and security planning. His book on the 1971 Cuban Missile Crisis is considered a seminal work. In the 1990s, Allison, 82, worked as Deputy Secretary of Defense to coordinate US strategy toward the post-Cold War Soviet Union. … Read more

OneUpOneDown teaches a new approach to mentoring-focused networking for women in business and technology – Digital Journal | Mobiz World

The mentoring network company OneUpOneDown aims to make a mentoring program available to every woman in the world. By creating a global network of women in business and technology, the couple aims to help them find personal and professional growth with a 3-month mentoring program. Co-founded by Natalie Robinson and Dzhuliana Nikolova, OneUpOneDown is a … Read more

Trump’s Fundraising PACs Lose $13M in Three Months – Yahoo! Voices | Mobiz World

Photo illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast; Getty Former President Donald Trump’s political committees raised about $24 million over the past three months, a staggering sum to be sure. However, an analysis of his filing shows that the embattled ex-president also spent more than $37 million during the same period, for a net loss … Read more