8 Jobs You Can Do In Canada Without A Work Permit

8 Jobs You Can Do In Canada Without A Work Permit

Jobs in Canada- There exists a widespread misconception that a work permit is always necessary to secure employment in Canada, yet this is only applicable in certain scenarios.

It is crucial to comprehend the types of jobs that can be undertaken without a work permit in Canada.

To facilitate this understanding, we have compiled a comprehensive list of activities that can be performed within Canada without the need for a work permit, as stipulated by the Canadian Government.

These exemptions fall under sections 186(a) and 186(x) in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR). Additionally, short-term employment under the Global Skills Strategy public policy and 120-day work for researchers is included.

List of Work Permit-Exempt Jobs in Canada


Athletes or coaches brought to Canada for training purposes have the option to work without obtaining a work permit.

However, proof of their athlete or coach status is required for permission to work in Canada.

Religious Work/Clergy

Individuals holding a religious title, such as a pastor or an imam, can work in Canada without the need for a work permit.

Providers of Emergency Services

Emergency service providers can engage in work in Canada without a work permit if they are specifically requested by the Canadian Government or commissioned by their country to provide emergency services in Canada.


Examiners and evaluators can undertake their duties in Canada without an official work permit. For academic purposes, examiners may oversee exams in Canada, and evaluators may conduct specific evaluations.

Performing Artists

International artists planning to perform at a venue in Canada for a limited duration may only require work permit authorization if they receive approval for a work permit.

Convention Organizers

Event planners organizing an event in Canada can work without a work permit for the duration of their event.

News Reporter

Journalists commissioned by their country to report on news in Canada are not obligated to obtain work permits.

Army Personnel

Military members arriving in Canada to serve in the defense forces do not need work permits and are eligible to bring their spouses.


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